Car Door Panel Interior


Steps to work with us.

  • 1. Send a CAD file to request RFQ.
  • 2. Provide a basic DFM report.
  • 3. Design For Manufacturability.
  • 4. Manufacturing.
  • 5. Molds try-out.
  • 6. Send the sample to the customer.
  • 7. Molds to shipped.

Car door panel interior trim

Reflecting our commitment to excellence, our door panel interiors have been carefully designed and professionally manufactured to enhance not only the beauty of the vehicle, but also the overall driving experience. We know that every detail matters, which is why we make sure that every panel is perfectly finished and pay attention to texture, color and shape.

Automotive door panel interior is an integral part of vehicle interior design, integrating functionality, comfort and aesthetics. It is the area around door handles, window controls, handrails and other functional components that act as a barrier between the car's interior and external environment.

Innovative material

Our door panel interiors are made of advanced, durable and environmentally friendly materials. This not only reduces the carbon footprint, but also guarantees the service life, ensuring that they stand the test of time.

Customization beyond the limits

We know that every car make and model is unique. That's why we offer a full range of customization options. From color schemes to texture patterns and features, our automotive door panel interiors can be customized to integrate seamlessly with any car.

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